Top-notch solutions and consulting services aligned with global best practices!

Kurumeng upholds the Engineering Profession Act, 2000 (Act No. 46 of 2000), wherein Section 27 provides the Code of Conduct that ensures Registered Persons, in the execution of their engineering work:

  • apply their knowledge and skill in the best interests of the public and environment;
  • execute their work with integrity and in accordance with generally accepted norms of professional conduct;
  • respect the interests of the public and honour the standing of the profession;
  • strive to improve their professional skills and those of their subordinates;
  • encourage excellence within the engineering profession; and
  • do not prejudice public health and safety.

Condition Assessment

We conduct walk-through inspections and engineering analysis, to ascertain the infrastructure health status and identify opportunities for improvements. We benchmark our work with the global best practices and standards.

Engineering Design

We follow a methodical series of steps to develop bankable engineering solutions and we satisfy design requirements through cyclical processes of idea generation, evaluation and design improvement.

Green SolutionsBuy Now

We source green technologies customized to the needs of our clients, i.e., solutions with limited greenhouse gas emissions, thus contributing positively to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Applied Research

We conduct applied research to discover innovative solutions that solve recurring Engineering problems and/or improve existing processes.

Engineering Maintenance

We facilitate the execution of cost-effective maintenance on Engineering assets, to enhance performance while adhering to legislative requirements.

Infrastructure Delivery

We apply proven project management principles to all projects, irrespective of size and complexity. This ensures safe, timeous and cost effective delivery of quality projects.