Kurumeng is a South African-based company focused on Energy Efficiency, Condition Assessment, Engineering Design, Green Solutions, Applied Research, Engineering Maintenance, and Projects Management & Execution. The company offers top-notch solutions and consulting services aligned with global best practices.

Kurumeng was founded in 2006 under the name Kabelo’s Academy wherein the initial focus was on research and development. Later the company name changed to Kurumeng, as the business adapted its vision and focus in line with prevailing societal challenges. The change in name integrated a strong engineering focus with the roots of the founding member’s birthplace, Kuruman, Northern Cape, South Africa.


Inspire greenness through sustainable solutions!


Enhance global footprint through fast implementation of fit for purpose solutions.


Espouse values that support Africa’s economic growth.


  • Passion for our customers – anticipate and address customer needs.
  • Globally oriented best practices – implement proven innovative solutions.
  • Efficient, reliable, excellent, and cost effective – measure success through customer satisfaction.