Global studies on unemployment show a detrimental effect on economic growth and development as well as negative effects on health and wellness of those affected.

With unemployment at a record high of 46.6% in South Africa, it is time to INNOVATE4JOBS and make positive social change through our businesses.

  • INNOVATE4JOBS is a ‘global challenge’ initiated by Kurumeng.
  • The challenge urges entrepreneurs, businesses, or corporations to innovate and create opportunities for employment.

Calling all businesses, corporations, and entrepreneurs!

Together we can fight unemployment!

INNOVATE4JOBS to create a better world!

How to take up the challenge?

  1. Pledge by integrating the INNOVATE4JOBS badge on your website and social media profiles!
  2. Start with what you know & analyze the sector you operate in.
  3. Identify opportunities.
  4. Consider if innovative technologies will help provide the impetus for change.
  5. Collaborate! Problem-solve with other businesses to find solutions and implement.
  6. Keep asking how you or your business can create opportunities for employment!


Share success stories on your website and social media profiles, and pass the challenge on to a corporation, business or entrepreneur.

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#innovate4jobs @innovate4jobs

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