Renewable Generation

Renewable energy sources offer clean, inexhaustible and increasingly competitive energy. This differs from fossil fuels principally in diversity, abundance, no greenhouse gas emissions and potential for use anywhere on the planet.

It is commonly known the energy demand and electricity prices in South Africa are steadily on the rise. Figure 1 shows the projected energy mix until the year 2050, where installed generation capacity is compared with energy demand. The graph shows a significant contribution by coal-based power stations, which will, unfortunately, reach the end of their lifespan in the same period (see Figure 2). In the year 2030, there will be an annual shortfall of 84 TWh needed to meet the required 344 TWh, and the situation deteriorates over the years. The lengthy time needed to build new power stations and reduce greenhouse gas emissions thus make renewable generation an attractive option.

Kurumeng specializes in solar power-related interventions in buildings, aligning with South Africa’s desired sustainable energy future. Once the energy efficiency measures are investigated and implemented where applicable, Kurumeng then uses Polysun software to design, dimension, and optimize photovoltaic and solar thermal systems, heat pumps, cogeneration units and combined systems.

We develop detailed proposals to give clients upfront insight on the systems’ envisioned performance, geotagged visualizations in 3D and global yield forecasts, amongst others. Consideration is also made for different system configurations, e.g., off-grid, grid-connected, hybrid, etc., and in line with grid connection regulations.