Solar Free Install

Kurumeng is the registered PV GreenCard installer of rooftop and ground-mounted solar systems. We created the ‘Solar Free Install initiative for property owners to generate electricity through on-site solar systems.

The Process

  1. Property owners express interest by registering here.
  2. Kurumeng conducts a technical analysis and inspection.
  3. A proposal is presented to property owners.
  4. Once approved, a Power Purchase Agreement is signed (usually 10-20 years).
  5. The project is registered with relevant local authorities.
  6. Kurumeng procures and installs solar systems.
  7. Completed installations are signed-off.
  8. Performance monitoring and billing commence upon commissioning.


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The Benefits

The Catch!

Upfront agreement on the terms and conditions, and the cost per unit of eletricity.