Water Infrastructure

South Africa’s “National Water and Sanitation Master Plan Volume 1: Call to Action v 10.1 31 October 2018” highlights the following challenges:

  • More than 3 million people still do not have access to a basic water supply service, and 14.1 million people do not have access to safe sanitation,
  • Only 64% of households have access to a reliable water supply service,
  • 56% of wastewater treatment works, and 44% of water treatment works are in poor or critical condition. 11% are dysfunctional,
  • More than 50% of South Africa’s wetlands have been lost, and of those remaining, 33% are in poor ecological condition,
  • Only 5% of agricultural water used is by black farmers,
  • 41% of municipal water does not generate revenue. 35% is lost through leakage,
  • Municipalities are losing about 1660 million m³ per year through non-revenue water. At a unit cost of R6/m³, this amounts to R9.9 billion each year, and
  • R33 billion more is needed each year for the next 10 years to achieve water security.

It is indeed without question that water must be used sparingly. To this end, Kurumeng is poised to contribute solutions to the above challenges. We have the capability and experience to conduct field technical audits to identify issues, propose and implement solutions aligned with global best practices.

Kurumeng has adopted a holistic approach that considers solutions such as rainwater harvesting, storage and reuse; greywater recycling; maintenance of reticulation systems; detection of leaks; infrared controlled taps; waterless urinals; low-flow showerheads; tap aerators; self-closing taps; etc. We, therefore, avail our expertise and wish to partner with the private and public sectors in this area of work.